ABOUT Innovation Junction

Innovation Junction is creative hub space at Kafeero Foundation open to tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators to help foster a collaborative and fun working environment.
The Innovation Junction’s Mission Statement is: To promote socio-economic development and competitiveness through innovation.

It operates on three values


Our goal is to help you unearth and turn your ideas into reality using our resources


Providing a nurturing, instructive & supporting environment for entrepreneurs


we assess your business ideas and industry to drive success for any business model

OUR Programs

Teen Tech

This is a coding & technology boot camp program designed for the youth running during the school term holidays to launch and develop the skills and talents of the young individuals

Her Café

We host a program focused on bridging the (Female) gender digital divide by creating an open and collaborative safe space that provides necessary resources and additional support to the girls in terms of ICT/Digital Skills education, life skills, motivational talks and providing mentors

Upskilling and Acceleration

This is a six weeks tense program offered by industry experts focused on mentoring and skilling entrepreneurs converged together on the both business and technology to learn and grow together


We host a wide range of events, ranging from conferences, co-creation workshops, art exhibitions, sports activities, motivational talks, film screenings and parties.


We have a team of experienced trainers, mentors and industry experts that offer both Digital skills trainings, ICT and business trainings at our hub space.

Digital Village 101

This is community outreach program focusing on identify and solving the community challenges through Innovation and technology using the Human centered design approach

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Muyenga, Kampala Nyangweso road off Kironde road


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